Flask by Example book cover

Flask by Example

by Gareth Dwyer

Learn Python web development the fun way

In this book, I show you how to build websites and web applications step by step.

You'll build three interesting web applications, of increasing complexity.

Each line of code and set up is explained, so you'll go from beginner to building a full database-backed custom web application in no time!

You can have a look at my free online tutorials if you'd like to try before you buy, or find out more about me at dwyer.co.za.

Not another blog

We focus on building interesting and original projects, including a headlines application, a crime map application, and a waiter caller application. We won't bore you by building yet another blogging application.

The Headlines project shows how to set up a basic dynamic site where visitors can view recent media headlines, do currency conversions and find the weather for custom locations.

The Crime map project shows how to add a database to a web application. It allows users to submit crime information by clicking on a Google Map widget, and the app then records the details and location of reported crimes. We use a MySQL database and look at XSS vulnerabilities.

The Waiter caller application uses MongoDB and bit.ly to build an application that allows restaurant patrons to call a waiter to their table. We build a full user account system, and look at password hashing and user input validation.